Monday, February 13, 2012

Beach Across the Street #994

Brie and I have been hitting the road and taking photos to paint from when the sun is just right. 6x6", acrylic, architecture


  1. Your approach and style are intriguing to me, so I've been looking over some of your work - a couple pages here - and I believe this is my favorite so far. Something about that pink wall just won't let go...
    Maybe it's the abstract/representational tension so effectively employed. (?)
    I don't know, but you've got my attention. :-)

  2. THIS is simply perfect- I love everything about it!
    YOU GO!

  3. I think my cast shadow from the bottom of the lamp is totally off. . anyone?

  4. Damn. Now that you mention it, realistically I suppose it should be more in line with the building shadow, but design-wise it works just like it is.
    We could assume the sun is in a line right between the building and the lamp post, then it works both ways! ;-)

  5. I also very much like this one, Lisa!
    You are an expert on simplyfying - less is more. Wish my brushwork was as loose and right on as your's!
    The shadow might not be correct but it certainly works in the painting.

  6. One of your best -- so strong, and you've perfectly caught the beach light. And you really are a master at composition, it seems be so intuitive for you!

  7. Love this one. Beautiful sun-drenched building.

  8. Thank you, I figured I keep simplifying everything else, I might as well simplify the shadows too.

  9. nothing's off ;)
    I love love love this one.
    Color harmony extraordinaire. Fabulous shapes!