Monday, May 14, 2012

#1085 Lilies

sold My colors are a little different, now that I'm looking, since I've been here. I guess I am a little more influenced by my surroundings than I thought. Even though I have a studio down here, I have still been painting my daily painting in the kitchen.The borrowed aqua dishtowel has also dictated some new color combinations. My lighting setup here is also different, I don't have that intense direct sunlight I love to work with (all the windows at the place I'm staying and the studio are facing the wrong way) and I also do not have my freestanding light with the 50 watt daylight bulb with me. At first, I was sad and thought it was a hinderance, but now I'm seeing other lights I'd like to paint. Like at night, out the window. So far, nothing has come of it, but it's giving me new ideas for color mixing.

still life, acrylic, 4x4"


  1. I'm simplifying here, but scrolling back a few days, I see your palette has shifted from orange to violet. Both with greens. Your primaries were pretty outstanding, but I'm loving all these secondaries.

  2. Love all this deep purple you've been working with. Wonderful as always.
    Happy Painting.

  3. I noticed the change in colors, too. I'm glad you wrote about it. All beautiful.