Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#1100 Winding Down

Final reviews for the second year students are tomorrow. Ours (first year students) are Thursday. I'm trying hard not to 'finish' any of the paintings I started.  But my years in the design field, leave me conditioned to love a deadline, so it's hard to resist the urge to fiddle. However, I have figured out that with me and painting -  painting for a deadline will lead to no good. I paint weird things under pressure. still-on the no white paint kick-life,  acrylic, 4x8" $100 click here to purchase


  1. The no-white is quite a challenge. I may try it myself as I tend to add it to a lot of my color. This is cool - though I admit I like high-key a lot too.
    How come you can't finish your paintings before the review?

  2. Don't know what you think, but I find these "unfinished" ones to be solid as a rock.

  3. Hello! Thank you! The body of work for the reviews are bigger paintings and the process is a little different. I've been experimenting with recording things as they pass in and out of view, so I am working from observation but in a kind of indirect way. I didn't want to finish the paintings for the sake of a deadline, it felt rather forced, I can't explain it very well yet, but it felt like if I had rushed them, I wouldn't be thinking about them or making them in the way I want to make them, but rather reacting to the constraint of a deadline. The daily paintings, however, allow me to finish them in one sitting, because of different rules I adhere to. . . oh, dear, it seems like I have a lot of rules over here!