Thursday, May 31, 2012

1102 Self Contained

sold I'm up early (as usual), and now there's nothing left to be done but wait for my review. I'll distract myself with some more coffee and a walk to the beach. In this painting I was interested in that little patch of bright between the flowers, it isn't a direct observation, but more of a personal enhancement of what was. still life, acrylic


  1. Lisa,
    Your colors are remarkable as are you!
    Great stuff!

  2. Hello Michael! Thank you, these blues are the color of predawn in Provincetown - there's nothing like the light in Provincetown - it's so unusual. . .

  3. Every day I look forward to hearing about your daily adventures in Provincetown. When I visited Ptown years ago I was also struck by the light - nothing like it anywhere that I have seen - it is clear why artists flock there to work.

    I am living vicariously through your posts...I dream of having a chunk of time to simply paint ... right now raising two boys but someday...

    Anyway, thanks for the blog, the amazing color, and the inspiration!

  4. fantastic color lisa! i am really liking how you are pushing even more into abstraction of late! i am an oil painter,and am intrigued by your use of there a particular brand that you prefer? thanks,,susan

  5. Hello again! I wanted to remark on the light in Provincetown, it's like nowhere for sure - I really can't believe it myself, but I think the sun is up in Provincetown before everywhere else. I like to use Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics. . . I like the texture and the caps, they are easy to get on and off - a tiny stuck cap makes me crazy and hurts my fingers!