Saturday, July 21, 2012

#1153 Peonies in a Cup

sold During my demo in last Saturday's class, I set out to paint glass. . . and promptly edited out most of the jam jar the flowers were in. . . although one solution to painting glass, not quite what I was supposed to do. This is my Saturday glass cup - take two. Other News:  Does anyone know why it seems every art supply store is out of Cadmium Red Medium and Cadmium Yellow Medium Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic? I have it on back order at three places right now - I'm worried. still life, acrylic, 6x6" 


  1. It's amazing that you can repeat the same subject without exhausting any creativity. Every work is fresh and full of energy.

  2. Why the lack of Cadium, Red Medium and Cadium Yellow Medium? Perhaps, your blog followers have been listening to you by purchasing what you use.

    Any chance you can get a commission on what is being sold?

    Your #1 Cheerleader. . .

  3. News from Left Field:

    I don't know if there is a shortage of cadmium that's tied to this issue, but it wouldn't surprise me.

    This year, for the first time, we reached a break-even point in the cost of photo-voltaic electricity (compared to the cost of electricity generated by oil, natural gas, coal, etc). Last year, there was a shortage of tellurium, which is used in the production of cadmium telluride solar cells. That shortage was because tellurium doesn't have a lot of other uses. There wasn't a lot of demand for it previously, so not much production. However, the demand for solar cells is on the rise and will continue to grow as we run out of oil, coal and natural gas. It might be that more cadmium is going that way and less of it into making pigments????

    Also, China produces about 97% of all rare earth elements, and they have stopped selling cheap elemental raw materials and ores; now they prefer to sell more expensive finished products.

  4. Shane, thank you - I have been trying to stay focused on one subject for a longer period. . .
    Ien - I was absolutely thinking there is a problem on the production end and was starting to wonder where it all comes from. . . I emailed Liquitex to inquire of any issues - this makes sense though. . .

  5. As a second best - Utrecht's Cad's are pretty good... who would think?

    Love the peonies and just got a sneak peek at tomorrow's post - GORGEOUS!

  6. Love the peonies!

    Interesting about the cadmium colors. I'm seeing that cadmium red medium is back in stock at Jerry's & Dick Blick's, but the yellow is on back order until the end of the month. I usually use Windsor & Newton Artists line - and I see that their cadmium yellow is also back ordered. Hmmm.....

  7. The follow up on the Liquitex/cad issue is that it looks like Liquitex will be limiting their use of it in production, so it'll be available in some colors and in smaller quantities. I bet the means to acquire cadmium isn't easy (and probably unsafe) so I'm all for it and embarrassed that I don't know more about the manufacturing process of something I use on a daily basis.

  8. I just came across the comments on the cadmium colors. I had been using Cremnitz white (by Old Holland) for several years now... and from what I understand, it is going out of production. If you can find a tube of it it's now "through the roof". I had heard rumors of this (and it has to do with the lead in this paint & production of the stuff for use), looks like I'll be trying out several different options again. I've always loved the beautiful simplicity/abstract quality of your work - It always draws me in to look again & again!