Monday, July 23, 2012

1155 Staying

I mentioned recently that I've been drawing thumbnails to prepare for my paintings. I hope by doing this I will discover a little more about my subjects and compositions. still life, acrylic, 6" x 6", In Other News: I've been doing some value paintings on mylar, this one below is of the peonies I had last week, the image to the right is to show the scale.


  1. Lisa!
    I love being the first to comment on your work!
    This piece is fantastic for so many varied reasons.
    I love the muted colors. Almost a watercolor feeling. I love the design and the movement. I love the fact that it seems to leave a lot for the viewer to imagine and of course to enjoy! Nice!
    (Welcome Eden Janet!)
    Your art buddy,

  2. Ditto all of the above, I just adore these images, they are fabulous, I long to be able to work with such fluency. I dont know what mylar is, but those are fab too. And as for adorable is that little creature, how on earth do you stop yourself cuddling her all day......

  3. Thank you! Mylar is a plastic-y like paper, so it hold oil - and the thing is you can't exactly see through it, it is kind of frosted, but allows the light to pass through, so it's fun to work with. I saw another painter in Provincetown using it - sooooo, I just had to get my own. Brie the dog typically has her own agenda during the day, - for instance, sleeping under the porch or upside down on the couch - she's very busy this one.