Friday, September 28, 2012

1222 Me too

sold My new roll of canary yellow paper arrived today, I'm going to fill it end to end with thumbnails for my daily paintings. The thumbnails were put on hold at the residency (I have no good reason as to why). I was also watching a talk by artist Dana Schutz at BU and she uses thumbnails - so I must again too. still life, acrylic


  1. This latest series, with all the yellow and orange and pink, is looking even more beautiful than your usual beautiful stuff!!

  2. Gorgeous color, and so much conveyed by such deceptively simple strokes. Beautiful.

    But I don't understand this thing about thumbnails. You mean preparatory studies?

  3. Thank you for commenting - - A. Decker - I started doing small line sketches as a way to find more compositions. Before I started doing them, I felt like I needed to change the subject matter quicker. The thumbnails are a way for me to explore a little longer. I'll scan some in and post them this week.