Monday, December 31, 2012

1316 Window without Forget-Me-Nots

sold We painted like Matisse this month for the GJWP Challenge. The thing about painting like someone else is I don't think like anyone else - so, this is quite the challenge. In the case of Matisse, regrettably, I don't know too much about him, as in why he did what he did. As a result, this painting is a response to looking at the common markings in his interiors and implementing them in my own painting. Those are my chairs, my window, my view, my rug, put all together with his dark lines, color palette and his composition.  This painting is directly based on Matisse's Window with Forget-Me-Nots - I guess I would classify this as an appropriation. Happy 2013!!! 6" x 6", acrylic


  1. This is a really pleasant painting to look at.

  2. I immediately thought Matisse when I looked at it, so I'd call this "appropriation" successful! It is also, as Douglas said, in a more restrained way - really cool. What a great exercise. Happy New Year!

  3. Appropriately done as well!

    Your #1 Cheerleader

  4. Lisa,
    You are such a Rock'n Artist!
    I just got a text from Matisse and he loves it!
    I love the colors, the texture, the design, the shapes, and so much more! So pleasing to look at over and over again!
    Happy New Year!
    The Art Buddy!

  5. Love the Matisse paintings on GJWP. It's fun to see you do an interior--it's wonderful!

  6. You may have used his marks but I still see Lisa in there. I am such an admirer of your work and work ethic!

  7. I like it. I really like it. I love your color choices, and how your painting emphasizes diagonals in the chairs , the window curtains, the windowsill and the trees. Very successful! You started with Matisse but made it yours.
    What size? I don't see a tag.

  8. This is beautiful!
    Happy New Year, Lisa !!!

  9. I too have been painting CHAIRS!
    I am still experimenting.
    Thanks for a year full of ART Inspiration.
    'Love your BLOG!!!
    Happy 2013!
    Check my blog at

  10. I am a great admirer of Matisse and a great fan of Daria, so this "mixture" is a perfect painting for me - love it!
    Happy New Year, Lisa!

  11. Tina Gottesman-AlvesJanuary 2, 2013 at 2:12 PM

    I think it's a great experiment and wish I'd been quick enough to buy it!

  12. Hellooo! Thank you everyone for these thoughtful comments - Art Buddy, I love that you and Matisse are texting one another - remarkable. I liked looking at how he handled curtains, light and the outlines - I am not a fan of doing outlines myself - but this wasn't too bad. I wonder how to apply this technique to flowers?! Thank you again, everyone, I appreciate reading what you think.