Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1332 Check

sold My framing and paintings are just about done for the exhibit starting February 5th at the South Shore Conservatory. . . more details soon  - still life, acrylic, 6" x 6"


  1. one of my very favorites.
    will have to listen to AHA archives.
    Sounds like it went well except for.....well the creature in the closet :)
    I'm sure she had things to add....

  2. Hi Mary and Carmen, thank you - ooooh, Mary, I hope you don't think I put the creature, Brie in the closet -oh no, she had the whole house to herself, this human creature took the closet - did I ever tell you when I had just moved in, I taking a friend on a tourand was showing off the walk in closet and then we went went back to the kitchen and Brie was no where to be found? I finally found her in the closet, I hadn't realized she followed us in, poor dear was sitting there in silence waiting patiently to be let out - goodness.

  3. LOL_ that actually makes much more sense!

    in a serendipitous coincidence my full figured girl, Wolfie, spent last night in the walk in closet. Must've snuck in while Don was changing last night ;)
    She seemed rather calm when discovered.
    I LOVE this painting!