Thursday, January 24, 2013

1340 Dry

sold In hindsight, I'm regretting dumping a puddle of linseed oil on a painting (not on this one) just to see what would happen - when, do tell, will it dry? still life, acrylic 4" x 4"


  1. The orange and red hues are beautiful. They look great up against the greens.

  2. I tried what I read was "oiling out" a painting -- to bring up the color, especially the earth tones -- and it made kind of a sticky mess, apparently forever :) hope yours dries better!

  3. Beautiful composition and color on this one.

    Your oil dumping experiment will take a good portion of forever to dry, depending on how thick it is, and a few years later-less than a decade, as I recall from similar 'experiments'-it will be covered in a warm brownish film, like an 'Old Master' that hasn't been cleaned. I just painted over mine 'cause it looked awful. That layer may simply fall off one day. I don't know.

    Re JK: "Oiling Out" has to be done very thin and sparingly. You can find instructions at