Sunday, March 17, 2013

1392 Central Park South

sold I did this little painting in the lobby of our hotel early this morning in NYC. It was the view out the window and what better way to utilize my limited color palette by honing in on the grays of the buildings. . . more about NYC, from Matisse to Manet to making it back home again - tomorrow! 4x4" acrylic on paper board


  1. Beautiful abstract sensibility. I love it.

  2. Very nice! I was going to say "how different!" but each of your paintings are abstract in a way. Interesting to contrast the hard angles of the buildings with your usual curvy marks on the flowers. Great color sense and balance as always.

  3. love this! quite diff from what you are usually doing :)

  4. Lisa!
    Good for you!
    Love this NYC scene!
    I am hoping you keep us posted with many more great visual images of your wonderful trip!
    Enjoy every second!
    Michael O'Art