Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1395 Lean

sold still life, acrylic, 6" x 6" 


  1. Lisa, I had subscribed to your daily postings for a long time, added more blog posts from other painters, and became overwhelmed, "blogged down" by emails. So I unsubscribed to many, including yours. Then I missed you. I realized how much I counted on you to lift me up. So here I am, back again! Bless you and your sweet heart.

  2. Every post always gets better...
    'Love your florals!!!!

  3. So gorgeous. Do you paint on a colored ground? Looks like you started with an orange-red ground...

  4. Love this one. I really like those dark strokes on the left and on the jar. I feel like it really grounds the painting. Beautiful!

  5. Hello everyone - thank you for leaving me comments - Sarah, how wonderful that you came back - I'm so happy to hear you are enjoying them and resubscribed - thank you!

    Sue - sometimes I wonder - so I'm happy to know that you see a progression - thank you for telling me.

    Michelle, I do paint on a colored ground - and you are right - I always prime with cad red medium - I like the red color and the way it pokes through - red is the color of energy (I freelanced commercially with a Feng Shui and Bagua group for a bit and I liked what I learned about the color red and what it represented).

    Virginia, thank you!