Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1472 Yard Games

sold It's that time of year again in which I play the (never-ending) game, is it a weed or is it a plant? still weeding, 6" x 6"


  1. Love the warm colors Lisa!
    Never weed until they bloom!
    I also can't tell the beginning of a beautiful plant from a beautiful weed!
    My garden is like a wondrous jungle!

  2. This is stunning! And I love yesterday's post too. I like weeds. They're what make my lawn green. :)

  3. Camen, thank you!

    Ooooh, the weeds - is that what is making my lawn green, that gives a new spin to things, totally justifies leaving them there, I like your thinking Dan - you've spared me hours in the yard which will translate to more studio time.

    Michael, I had imagined your garden to be a 'wondrous jungle' - if you made it, it's magical, no doubt - when I first learned to garden - (haven't gotten too far in my lessons mind you) someone offered me this tidbit, just because it flowers it doesn't mean it is not a weed - my yard was full of flowering 'things' then and still is - now about this mint that is everywhere - it's ruthless little plant, isn't it?