Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1535 Fair Street

sold still life, acrylic, 6" x 6" (The above photo is a little blurry because I didn't scan it like I typically do.)
I'm back from Nantucket!  The Barnacle Inn, where I stayed had little arrangements in each window in the hallway - come to find out, no one on vacation is awake at five a.m., so no one missed this little flower. Below is today's demo and below that is the table full of fresh flowers that we painted. All of the flowers were grown at the Nantucket Oil Workshops School or by the students. And that little painting, above the table is a work in progress by a very talented and enthusiastic (and patient) eleven year old - this painting wasn't done for my class, but I had the pleasure of meeting her and watching her work for the two days. More photos and details tomorrow - and I miss everyone already! 


  1. Great post Lisa. I just love your demo painting - the colours are gorgeous!
    The painting by the eleven year old is really lovely - such talent!

  2. well, there's another advantage to being such an early bird ;)
    I featured you on my blog today.
    LOVED you students paintings!