Wednesday, February 5, 2014

1717 Silver Wave

sold still life, acrylic, 6" x 6" 


  1. Okay, i am Marge as my friend Lillian pointed out. Your still lives have inspired me to start to paint again. No it will not be everyday but once in a while. I need to shake the dust of my brushs. Silver Wave is a wonderfully thought out arrangement with a central subject surrounded by the others.


  2. ooops. I typed in the code at the end of yesterdays comment. It took me a while to notice it had to go in the box I had to call Marge and she helped.

    What a grouping you have here. The way you put a row of flowers around the yellow one was a good idea. Do you spend much time arranging the flowers?


  3. Hello Marge and Lillian, thank you for very much for commenting. Marge, I'm thrilled to read you are painting again, will you post them online to a blog or website, I wonder? Lillian, I do not spend too much time arranging the flowers - I purchase a nosegay every week and take some of the flowers out if it is too crowded (those go in their own private vase). I mostly manipulate the angle I'm sitting, or the height the flowers are at and I also change the lighting to feature different buds, but the flowers remain in the same arrangement for most of their stay.

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