Saturday, February 8, 2014

1720 Stir

sold still life, acrylic


  1. Looks like i am the early bird today. Your idea about squinting shouldn't be a problem for Lillian as she is always squinting. Has been for years. Stir's main flower is a lot more yellower then yesterdays. And those other flowers have a pinky look to them.

    I'll have to try your squinting idea after church.

    have a blessed day, dearie.


    I am getting a lot of practice squinting with your secret codes

  2. Lisa i do not squint that much, a little sometimes. i can see the secret codes very well.

    i like the balance in this still life. it is a balance between the three in a row on the right with the main yellow one on the left. the greens keep them apart.

    well past my bedtime. almost 10 pm

  3. Hello! Thank you for remarking on "Stir." The light I used wasn't as bright so it changed the colors of the flowers and their surroundings a little bit on this one.

    Well the advantage to squinting (I resisted at first, I didn't want to give myself lines!) at what I'm painting is that I can identify only the most important and essential details of what I'm seeing. If I don't squint then my eyes make midtones out of everything - I don't know why that is, but it is true.

    I have problems seeing those secret codes myself - it takes me three tries until I get it - I was keeping track of the random words that would come up -thinking I could string them together and unlock some greater meaning - I lost interest in that endeavor pretty quickly.