Saturday, February 22, 2014

1734 Dart

sold still life, acrylic, 6" x 6"


  1. Up early this morning and what a pleasant suprise was on my computer. the back of Dart looks like the morning sun rising here. i also think that color makes the whites whiter.


    Ps Marge will be sleeping in today

  2. Vigorous lively stunning! I am totally blown away by your work of late.

  3. i am awake, Lillian.

    Long day is over so i can post about Dart. the two flowers look like those kid toys pinwheels. it looks like you painted this with just three colors the white, the orange and the gray.

    very nicely done dearie.


  4. Hello everyone! Thank you! I have an over abundance of flowers here, it has been hard to focus on just these white ones - and the sun is pretty bright (although I have to wait a while to paint them, the sun is not awake at five!).