Saturday, March 8, 2014

1748 seven

sold still life, acrylic, 6" x 6" 
Other News: It's Brie the dog's birthday.


  1. i guess i must have turned the day ahead as well as my clock as i missed out on writing yesterday.

    happy birthday brie the dog would seven be bries age?

    this is one beautiful still life. i like the color you put into the main flower . it is so well formed.and open.

    not sure why Lillian didnot write yesterday. let's see what her excuse is.


  2. Happy Birthday Brie! You've got a good life going there!

  3. happy birthday brie the dog.

    "seven" is a beautiful still life. as Marge noticed that orange flower is special. I also like the green material surrounding it.

    yes i missed yesterday as well as Marge no excuse


  4. Hello Marge, yes, Brie turned seven, although she acts more like seven months - she's no the most refined animal - but that is what I like about her.

    Ginny, Hello! I hope you are well - Brie is particularly fond of Birthday's - they consist of unlimited carrot treats and this year a stuffed dragon and monkey.

    Lillian, thank you - I liked using the green to form the flower - in the daily paintings, I think there are two chance to shape something, when you put the marks down of it and also the marks down surrounding it.