Sunday, April 13, 2014

1784 Hyacinth

still life, acrylic, 5" x 7" $100 click here to purchase 

There are still a couple of spots left in my upcomung Atlanta workshop

April 26 thru 28 Atlanta, GA


  1. Downright cold today - mid-forties for a high. I agree with Martine and I wish Atlanta was a lot closer.

    really like the colors in this one - the soft lavenders, the bold reds and maroons, and the lighter green.


  2. Okay my art buddy!
    I so love all your art!
    This one is off the charts awesome! "Wicked Awesome!" as our Boston buddies would say!
    I love the very bold brush strokes, the colors, the movement, excitement, and so much more!
    Keep on keeping on Lisa!
    Your now taking a portrait class at MFA art buddy!

  3. Marge and i had a great couple of days together but now i have my computer to myself.

    much has been said about this still life so i will not repeat .

    i do like the support from the green as the red flowers lean on it. your lavender is beautiful