Monday, April 28, 2014

1799 school's out

I did this painting before heading over to the last day of the workshop. Today we worked from a photo and then moved on to a big painting - 12 inches! We used house painting brushes for those. 6" x 6" acrylic, soldl


  1. looks like you are getting out of atlanta just in time.

    both Lillian and I have missed the dangerous storms.

    you have made some very beautiful still lives in atlanta. you said this one was done using a house brush. i am impressed.


  2. Love the way the blocks of color play off each other.

  3. Hello Darla, thank you, I hope you are well!
    Hello Marge, glad you and Lillian are safe, the area I was in had Tornado watches all night and thunderstorms but it cleared up in the morning just in time for my flight. I did a bigger 12 x 12" with the house brush, this little one was still my normal sized brush about 1/2 an inch - that painting is being mailed home, I think I'll work on it some more here in oil when it arrives.
    Hi Joel, thank you!

  4. Outstanding blog. Keep it up. Will be back.