Friday, June 13, 2014

1845 Water World

sold water life, acrylic, 6" x 6"
Nothing ruins Brie the dog's fluffy disposition like rain.


  1. Love this one too Lisa! And such a cute picture of Brie!

  2. i think i spent more time looking at Brie than your still life. she is a very photographic dog. we are in the middle of thunderstorms and lots of rain so Brie wold not be happy here. forecast is for hot and humid weather for the next week or so.

    these spring flowers are beautiful full of life and color


  3. HI Wendy, thank you! It took me awhile to figure out which end was up in this photo - Brie is a pretzel! Marge, Helllloooo! How are you? Brie loves having her photo taken - she poses long enough for me to find the camera, turn it on, shut off the flash, shut off the camera, uncage the memory card, unlock the memory card and repeat all the aforementioned steps! I hope your rain has subsided, we've had some lovely weather here. Good enough for kayaking.