Saturday, September 20, 2014

1944 stroke

still life, acrylic, 6" x 6" $100 click here to purchase 

Other News:  I attended Boston Harbor's SharkFest Swim on Saturday morning - I discovered it takes the same amount of time for me to drink a medium coffee as it does for those in first string of finishers to swim across the harbor. Surprisingly, no one had borrowed my stroke for the event - the doggy paddle. A little clip of what I saw - the one in front is an Olympic swimmer. -


  1. Ola amiga! Hi Lisa! Just a shout out to let you know I am always checking out your wonderful blog and beautiful work! Way out here in blogger space land!
    Provincetown rocks!
    Your Art Buddy!

  2. Hello Michael, I thought about your childhood adventure of wanting to swim w/the other 'fish' in the Boston Harbor - they shut the boat traffic down for this!

  3. Hi Lisa, I can't believe the name of the swim!! sounds like a nice activity to watch while sipping your coffee!