Thursday, August 13, 2015

2271 Double Effect

still life, acrylic, 6" x 6" $100 click here to purchase 

Every 4-6 weeks, I sign into Google Hangouts to meet (and see) my MassArt cohorts. Since graduation we've regularly stayed in touch and use the online forum to share readings and check in on our personal, professional and artistic goals (and for those in different time zones witness what they are eating for dinner).  One of our latest favorite readings is, "Making Your Life as an Artist," By Andrew Simonet, you can download the free book here - - not only is the book a helpful reminder on goal making, but also has useful tips in setting tangible and obtainable goal objectives.  In other news; this week, this song


  1. Wow, Lisa I love these latest two paintings - gorgeous colours!

    Your Google Hangout sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to keep in touch.

  2. And, I liked your "Song of the Procrastinators!" We all have a myriad of distractions we do when we want to avoid what it is we should be doing. A very cleverly scripted video tells it all.

    I will be playing this video the next time I find myself "wandering. . ."

    Lots to think about with this posting.

    Thank you

    Your #1 Cheerleader