Monday, May 30, 2016

2550 thru 2554

Ciao! The best spot to get wifi at the Villa in Greve is the front yard at night which is also the best place to see wild boar at night. I'm home now and catching up on scanning and blogging (sans the wild boar). 

 Placeholder, paintings coming soon!

Saturday, May 21st, We left Rome and headed for Greve, Italy. My traveling companion, Catherine (Catarina for this trip) and I thought we'd rent a car from Rome and take a coastal route to our destination. On our way to the rental shop, we discovered most of the roads were closed and our native Rome taxi driver, Anna-Lisa was having trouble navigating through her own city. As they say, the best laid plans - so we made a last minute decision to be dropped at the train station, we got the next train out with minutes to spare and enjoyed a high speed train ride to Florence. The train cut two hours off our total traveling time and the porter had a nice sense of humor regarding one of our suitcases that took three grown men to lift, "Are the children inside, Madame?"

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  1. Welcome home! You were missed and your blog was feeling left out :)

    Again, congrats on your SEVENTH Anniversary of Daily Paintings this month.

    Looking forward to your opening at the Duxbury Art Complex this Sunday!

    Your #1Cheerleader