Monday, June 22, 2020

4043 Sunday's Post Jerry/Stop listening to the fridge

still life, acrylic, 6" x 6" $100 click here to purchase 

'Stop listening to the fridge calling your name and sit down  and get to work.' - Jerry Saltz

I attended a spirited virtual lecture by art critic, Jerry Saltz on Sunday 
in which he talked about the art world and what will become of it - 
here's what he said (a paraphrase as I was keying it as he spoke, but I think it's accurate). 

'If you want to dig the hole in ground, go dig the hole in the ground - we are on our own now in the art world - that we are building a new art world out of passion, desire, visionary, drive - your stupid ideas and you need to be embarrassed every step of the way - as I am now and my backlash later from this will be terrible - I will have a hangover from it. Viruses come and go - but that art world will be partly gone - be like a vampire, stay up all night with other vampires - we must commune with others of our own kind - we need to teach each other and build new dialects with your stupid art - and have stupid little shows / if you build it they will come. . . Make what you are making - it just needs to be convincing. Be willing to be embarrassed. 
Stop listening to the fridge calling your name and sit down and get to work’

4042 Saturday' Post - hot

sold still life, acrylic, 6" x 6" 

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4026 live with painting miles

still life, acrylic, 6" x 6" sold 

I went live today with Painting Miles on Instagram, you can see it here -

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