Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Picnic #401

I didn't realize when I set this up the color was very appropriate for this time of year, it wasn't until just now I saw it. . . I did this little one today, plus a bigger one and then wrapped up the day beside a boathouse painting the ever changing light - that was HARD!

I thought after two paintings here I'd be all warmed up. Oh, no, no, it was decidedly not so. I pulled something out if it toward the end, but I spent a good hour wishing that little landscape would blow off the easel (accidentally, of course) and fall between the slats of the deck into the water. . . okay, that was intense. . . I might not be fully over it. . .

Other News: Brie, the office assistant, is up for a job promotion - she wants to be my agent.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Somehow, we've reached painting 400. . . when did that happen?

Other News; I made myself a little website yesterday to house some bigger paintings I want to start making. . . I keep threatening to make bigger pieces, I know, but this time I mean it.

More News Still: Daily Painter Originals have added me onto their site. . . I'm so excited!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy #399

I'm convinced you cannot go wrong with a flower like this. . . I have so much to tell everyone but now, I'm drawing a blank. Figures. It'll come to me.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nice View #398

Someplace new today - how is it you can live somewhere seemingly forever and still be introduced to a brand new view?

I worked bigger today too. This one is. . . 8"x8" - HA! I kill myself, really - well, it IS bigger.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

If I Knew Then. . . #397


Shhh, don't tell anyone - promise? What I'm about to tell you is between you and me, okay? I was drawn to this scene because the chimney was really crooked and really TALL - and - wait, remember, don't forget, you promised you wouldn't tell anyone - I ran OUT OF ROOM for the really tall chimney! HA!

I never draw anything out before I start painting, I make a mental note of composition plan and most days, really, I just want to start painting - so sometimes, these things happen.

When I was at the fifth grade class one wee-one started a painting and then asked for a new canvas, because she "knew what to do now."

I know exactly what she means.

On that note, I've been doing live, free demos on Saturdays around noonish. . . if you are in the Hingham Square area, come on by. . . look for me. . . beside, behind White Magdelena. . .

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cheers! and if you scroll down far enough a BONUS #396 & #396.5

This echinacea flower looks like one of those little umbrellas in those drinks, all I need is a coconut shell. It is Friday, so cheers!

Sometimes I take my images into photoshop and go to Image>Adjustments>Desaturate to see if my values are really working. I'm very color dependent, I admit, so I've been secretly working on my values too and the desaturate feature in Photoshop doesn't lie, but sometimes I wish it would.

Other News: Brie has a new frisbee.

More News Still: I'll be doing a free, live demo at White Magdelena on Saturday at noon (ish) come on by.

Lastly: Brie finally stayed still long enough to paint her, after she crashed from her peanut butter high. . . if you are interested in purchasing the painting of her, let me know, there's no link. And now that I've painted her, is she considered a tax write off? Or maybe the peanut butter used to sedate her is?

Brie is insisting on a percentage, since it's a painting of her. . . more squeaky toys on the brain, no doubt.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peaberry's #395

I went on location again today (the living room) and I chased Brie around, I thought I would try to paint her - but this pea colored chair proved a much more cooperative and less hyperactive subject. I've also been painting hydrangea today and some other stuff. . . but I think I'll bring those to White Magdelena this weekend.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spellbound #394

So, I briefly thought I should paint eight hours a day because I watched a documentary, "Spellbound." It's about eight kids who get into the National Spelling Bee competition and these kids studied at least eight hours a day - I found their drive and focus admirable. . . BUT then (as I was watching that movie, apparently) it became hydrangea season, just like that. . . the thing you should know about me and hydrangea is I find them to be THE MOST difficult flower to paint. I have now painted three hydrangea paintings since last night at this time. . . I'm still thinking about painting eight hours a day. . . I'm not actually doing it. . . but don't think even that's enough time to figure out these flowers.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day Trip: The Glades #393

I couldn't sleep last night I was too excited. I recently opened my inbox to the most gracious invite from one of the inhabitants of the Glades to come on over and paint for a day. . . I wasted no time. . . today was the day. . . It's just so beautiful, unspoiled with expansive ocean views and beautiful fields of grass. Even the parking spot has an ocean view!

I did three little paintings of the red barn while I was there today . . .I'll post one painting today and live with the other two for a while.

Some daily painters paint more than a painting a day. And so do I, but the painting I post on the blog is always done that same day, for better or worse. . . If I'm having a bad painting day I might wait until the next day to post the bad one w/one that hopefully turns the corner a bit. . . sometimes it takes me three paintings to get one I am comfortable posting. Other days, they paint themselves and some days, I consider letting Brie paint! But today, was a good day!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Together at Last #392

Hark! What have we here? Another blueish vase -well, well. . .

Sunday, June 20, 2010

When I Grow Up #391

Sooo, last night, feeling particularly brave, I tried my best to do an impression of what Karin Jurick would do. Armed with my shoebox of photos, I picked a good one. With THREE people, and feet and chairs, OH MY!

Because (if you haven't noticed) paintings of people and painting from photos are two things I don't do much of . . . but I'd like to. I see so many things I'd love to take a picture of and paint later. . . for now, I'm not sharing, I'm going to keep practicing, so it's not on the blog yet. Oh, it's labeled daily painting #390 and a half. . .

Other News: Here's a trailer of an upcoming documentary I'm most excited for on children's literature; I'll keep you posted as to where you can see it. . .

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cheery Disposition #390


Back to hiding beside buildings again - I really am enjoying my alley way behind (beside) White M - there's shade, a place to sit - plenty of things to look at, interesting lighting and the coffee shop with my all time favorite maple-oatmeal scones around the corner.

Other News: More never before seen paintings delivered to White Magdelena today!
More News Still: I'm a guest artist at a workshop this summer - I'm so excited - Page Railsback is teaching it - it's going to be good! - Here are the details;

AUGUST 4-5 9:30-3 PM
Bring lunch/Material list to follow
All levels welcome, Medium of your choice
Paint: Barns, Fields, Ocean, Gardens
Cost: $180
Register: Email

Friday, June 18, 2010

Apple Barge #389


Nothing like an apple barging into the scene by way of a bowl boat.

Okay, I'm out of here, let the apples figure things out on their own - until tomorrow.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ketchup #388

I had the whole day to paint and I waited until the end of the day hoping the sun would come out - it did not. . . so I had to fudge the lighting - I find it hard to go from painting outside yesterday to inside today, I wonder what that's all about?

Other News: The South Shore Arts Festival is this weekend in Cohasset - I'm not in it, but I'm going to visit it.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stonewall #387

From this hill in Hingham, you can see the Boston skyline - it's a great painting place, a little bit of everything, fields, horses, cows and ocean. I had one failed attempt at a horse painting, those things move QUICK! They are now brown rocks in another painting. I did three little paintings today.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Go With the Flow #386

"Is it knowing when to stop?"

A really good question, from yesterday's comments.

I think so. . . the more I fuss, the tighter I get and and the freshness is lost - there's a sort of point of no return on those ones. I've been more aware lately of when that's happening and I try to put it down, start a new one quick and go back to the other one only deliberately in one or two areas after I've stepped away from the process a little.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

One Fine Day #385

A little discipline talk in response to a comment received on yesterday's post;

"I'm so curious how you have disciplined yourself to do this.
Do you paint at the same time every day?
At home or in a studio? Has it been difficult to be consistent?"

I prefer to paint first thing in the morning when I get up, so nothing else gets in the way, but I can't always do that - so, I paint when I can fit it in now. BUT at the beginning I made sure I set aside a block of time - predetermined - and stuck to it so I wouldn't miss a day.

I paint in my home - in an extra room set aside for just this, unless I venture outside - I have found it helpful to have a designated area w/my paints and everything set up all the time. I would set up a corner of a room if I didn't have a whole room I could use. It's been really important.

Some days are easier than others - the days I am feeling like there's nothing to paint, are the days that become the most enjoyable, maybe because I don't have a preset notion in my head? No expectations maybe?

$100 Paypal -safe

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yoohoo #384

New, never before seen paintings have been delivered to White Magdelena this weekend in Hingham Square - and now I'm starting on some bigger ones - or wanting to start on some bigger ones. . . any suggestions?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

And then. . . it rained. #383

I did it, I got to paint outside before the rain - it was sprinkling a little, but I set up anyway, because as as someone wise stated, as I was talking myself out of painting outside, "you can't wait for the weather."

Oh, so true.

So, I painted beside White M, not in the back, not in the front but right in the middle - that was a good compromise. . .

Other News: No dogs for company today, just some ants and a chipmunk.

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60 South Street, Hingham Square, MA

Friday, June 11, 2010

In Good Company #382

Here's a still life set up on the back porch with Brie by my side (okay, in the grass, by my side, in the grass, by my side, then trying to eat paint, wait, no trying to eat paper towels, no, no, wait, the paint was much better, more of a response from the humans, are they mad or do they think I'm cute?) and P.O.P. (painting outside partner) who aided in painting and warding off aforementioned cute, but hyperactive, fluffy dog (good grief).

Somehow, despite someone's (Brie) antics to eat dinner and also everything within a twenty foot vicinity we managed to get two paintings done, combined. We are multi-taskers; painters AND protectors of the fluffy-butt.

Other News: This is only about an eighth of the amount of strawberries I've gathered from my garden this week. I am now accepting strawberry recipes, preferably baked goods, with no more than say, seven ingredients that I can freeze when made. I would LOVE a lesson in making preserves - fyi. . . barter anyone?

More News Still: Painting outside at White Magdelena tomorrow (Saturday) from eleven-ish - to one-ish - If I'm feeling bold, I'll be out front, if I'm in shy mode, I'll be in the back - come on by. . .

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Duckpin #381

Here's the painting from the demo for the fifth grade class today.

They had great questions like,

"Do you paint what you feel, or what you see?"

So, in this demo, I managed to do precisely what I told them not to do for composition! HA! I've since improved upon it, but my goodness, I had these little tomatoes lined up just like bowling pins. They were polite and didn't point it out. . . phew!

Have I mentioned the colors they made?! They were fantastic! I saw the most amazing muted pink, a fantastic purple, beautiful grays and OH the greens, because, of course, I brought my favorite mid-century modern GREEN linen napkins.

We used the primaries and white for paint and paper plates for palettes - and someone even cut cardstock down to squares for me - thanks to whoever did that, by the way.

So, this painting is what it is - I am just glad I didn't TOTALLY flub up in front of my audience of twenty-six!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jester #380

PEER pressure with painting? Now there's something I didn't anticipate. I don't use burnt umber - I wonder if I'm missing something - everyone else is doing it.

So, tomato stems remind me of jester hats. I thought you should know this. Always have.

Other News: Tonight I am practicing painting. What? Yes, yes, I'm practicing because I'm painting in front of a real live group of people tomorrow, a fifth grade classroom. OOOH, I hope I'm taller than them. Anyhow, all insecurities aside, it's a program called Arts Alive and it's their 10th annual event, "to raise awareness of art and artists all around us."

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Three Daisies, Two Turkeys, One Cat #379

Hey - these aren't poppies - I see a daisy and I just have to paint it, it's that simple.

I've been 'talking' about darks lately - I make my darkest dark using Aliziran, Pthalo Blue and a smidgen of Cad Med Yellow - what's your recipe?

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh, Wise One #378

My sage is flowering.

A quarter of the garden is covered in purple flowers.
And don't get me started about the strawberries. I caught Brie playing tug of war with one of the shoots.

Other News: I had a lunch meeting with some interesting creative minds.

More News Still: Tomorrow I paint poppies! Or at least I'll be in their company while I paint.

Lastly: Hoping for a Farmer's Market possibility and keeping my fingers crossed on a summer adventure which is top secret right now.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just Plucky #377

These roses are from my yard. I really can't get over the flowers that just happen here - and today is a big day. I mowed my first lawn ever. I know, I know - throwing caution to the wind again, it really wasn't that bad, it's a small yard ,mind you, even smaller since the garden has that mind of it's own.

Thank you for all the advice on tents, I have a bunch of leads now and I can't wait to get researching! I'll let you know which I decide on -

Other News: thank you to all the new folks who have come on by to visit - I hope you'll come back soon. . .

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Behind the Scenes #376

I painted behind White Magdelena in Hingham Square today. I plan on doing this throughout the summer, come on by for a demo. . .

This is only the second painting I've done all by myself outside. I usually paint with other people or lately, in the company of dogs, but not today. Anyhow, what caught my eye was the dark area beside the building kind of under the base of the flag post. That was it, that little tiny bit of dark made me do it!

Other News: I need advice. What kind of 10' x 10' tent can I put up by myself for outdoor art shows? I went to Lowe's, but it was heavy and looked like I might get swallowed up if I tried assembly alone. If I do buy it I would strongly encourage all to attend the pre-show setup for what will most likely be an amusing and acrobatic ordeal.

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60 South Street, Hingham Square, MA

Friday, June 4, 2010

Across the Street #375

This is what I see out my window. . . those hedges, contain a secret garden, I just know it.

They are so large at the end of the summer, they get trimmed with a chain saw!

Other News: All you Village folk - Ernie has his heirloom tomato plants for sale, $2 a plant - - I just got two. That's his chimney, I think, at the top of the painting. . .


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Go Figure #374

The strawberry patch is back - I have oodles of random radishes and now I have very many strawberries. In fact, I still have some frozen from last summer - I'm not sure what someone is supposed to do with all these. Muffins? Preserves? Facials?


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boat Boat #373

Let me tell you something about painting boats;

a. They don't stay still
b. I'm quite sure they weren't this close together in real life

It was challenging, one would move, so I couldn't get the window things right, my composition started off a little different too and then as the tide shifted, well. . . you know.

BUT did you see the cover of the summer LL Bean catalog? It is by Colin Page, I love his paintings! So, I was all happy to do boats, how he did that many on one painting is beyond me, I could only manage two.

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60 South Street, Hingham Square, MA

Other News:
I keep painting near dogs. Today, it was a WET chocolate lab - fresh out of the drink.