Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daily Painting #165

I had an interesting Thursday morning - it's still my favorite day of the week painting with some of the loveliest of people - but it was so gray - Page, my favorite day artist leader, (click here to paint w/her in Mexico) once showed me a photo reference artist Connie Hayes used on a painting of houses w/hardly any contrast. No light source!? And CH was able to pull out the most amazing color palette and lights and darks - how do people do that?!!! I want to do that!

I couldn't get in a zone to make the painting feel good - it was just so gray, everything seemed, well, gray. . . anyhow, I did the only thing I could do - go to the market on the way home, buy a boatload of fruit (okay, a bag load) and get painting (promptly after some M&M's and a cup of tea). I guess the best thing to do after one of those paintings that make you feel not so un-gray, is do another one, and then another. . . the M&M's help too. . . now I'm off to walk the dog.

Oh and I received the most helpful comment on my images for posting - hopefully the images load quicker now! Thank you!


  1. Chocolate and a cup of tea, your'e my kind of girl!! best medicine in the world and by the way super painting love the colours and textur
    The pics would look even better posted larger.

  2. I'm on it, posting the pictures bigger definitely gives more impact, thank you for the suggestion.

    Still on the M&M kick, by the way. . .