Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daily Painting #165

I had an interesting Thursday morning - it's still my favorite day of the week painting with some of the loveliest of people - but it was so gray - Page, my favorite day artist leader, (click here to paint w/her in Mexico) once showed me a photo reference artist Connie Hayes used on a painting of houses w/hardly any contrast. No light source!? And CH was able to pull out the most amazing color palette and lights and darks - how do people do that?!!! I want to do that!

I couldn't get in a zone to make the painting feel good - it was just so gray, everything seemed, well, gray. . . anyhow, I did the only thing I could do - go to the market on the way home, buy a boatload of fruit (okay, a bag load) and get painting (promptly after some M&M's and a cup of tea). I guess the best thing to do after one of those paintings that make you feel not so un-gray, is do another one, and then another. . . the M&M's help too. . . now I'm off to walk the dog.

Oh and I received the most helpful comment on my images for posting - hopefully the images load quicker now! Thank you!