Friday, November 20, 2009

Daily Painting #173

I've made two discoveries today -
One; if I use the table near the window for my setups, I get a really lovely natural light for hours - now how have I missed this up until now - it seems so obvious?

Two; I've also discovered the 'sell similar items' in the Ebay menu - sadly, I've been really doing a lot of strange things in order to list my Ebay items, all the while, thinking, there's got to be a better way. . . !

Other News: Happy Anniversary to my parents! And Brie, the dog, not the cheese, has just returned from her day at the grooming parlor. But, that's not all, got new pipes today too. . . which, if you've ever had old pipes is really, really, really good news. . . good night!


  1. The light is it..and CONGRATULATIONS on the Raymar,,you are on a wonderful roll

  2. Thank you P! I'm still having fun. . . most importantly!