Saturday, November 21, 2009

Daily Painting #174

Other news: It's my seventh Cancerversary! However, it's my first year knowing about this term. . . it's an actual word marking the occasion of one's diagnosis, final chemo, something like that - for me it's the last day of my chemo seven whole years ago.


  1. Congratulations, Lisa! And many many happy returns. :-)

    I like the organic flow to here, those fruits look like they could be bobbing happily downriver!

    The choice to push the diagonal grouping towards the upper left is interesting - I like it. The heft-and-gleam physicality of the fruit creates a certain crowdedness of visual interest in that area, which stirs up the eye back and around to and through the negative-space right and bottom borders and their rougher, more abstract textural touches. Nice mix of depiction and abstraction.

  2. Congratulations Lisa!
    I feel happy for you :)