Saturday, January 30, 2010


bidding starts at 8pm PST

I've painted this setup two more times since yesterday - I'm trying to put down as few strokes as possible but still have it read - I think it can get looser still.

I'm going to paint this same setup some more and try to remember to photograph my different stages as I go through it. Today, I tried - I shot one photo of my process, the panel after I had painted it red, and then totally forgot to stop and shoot more. . . I'm afraid that photo is not too revealing!


  1. Hope you'll post your process photo anyway. I think they're interesting.

  2. I love the loose brushwork - will be back to see more.
    Happy painting.

  3. Hi Steve - I love looking at other people process too - the internet has been great for revealing and documenting what goes into an individual's art. Before the internet, process seemed so mysterious!

    Thanks Tammy !