Sunday, January 31, 2010


Step one;
Toning the canvas, waiting for it to dry.

Step two;
Finding what I like best, color and shapes.

Step 3;
Building the rest of the painting around those initial marks.

The final piece. . . it was weird stopping and
shooting photos but it's interesting to look back at
the documented stages. . .

Bidding will start at 8pm PST


  1. Wow Lisa - really interesting to see your process. Awesome work!

  2. Never seen this type of process before - maybe that's why your paintings are so fresh and amazing. FYI - I was at a dinner party in Austin, TX last week with a dozen amazing painters PLUS Carol Marine and Laurel Daniel. And during dinner someone said "Anybody know Lisa Daria's Blog?" (and this was not Carol, she was sitting next to me, and I KNOW she knew you) and me and a bunch of other people all said "YES! I LOVE her work!" Just thought you'd like to know! You GO, girl! :)

  3. You have made my MORNING! And quite possibly, my day, week, month . . . !!! Thank you for sharing that Kelley - - I've been dawdling all morning, but this did it - I'm going to go paint!

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  5. Very impressive! I love seeing paintings in progress. Your style is very unique and awesome.

  6. Wish I was brave enough to be as loose in your painting as you, Daria! Beautiful work

  7. Brilliant! On soooo many levels!

  8. Lisa, your paint process is unique and so are your paintings. Love the abstract quality in them and also the repeating stripe theme. The subject matter is almost an afterthought for me.

  9. That's an awesome post, Lisa. Thanks so much for sharing your process, I always learn a lot from this kind of post.
    Best regards,

    PS: And congrats, I've read Kelley's comment, way to go!

  10. I LOVE seeing the process! This is really great. Thanks for sharing.