Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is yesterday's painting and it didn't come easily - these seemingly darling miniature pears have been causing me problems - I started w/them a couple of days ago and killed two panels trying to figure them out - I had to remind myself not to rush, take my time and SQUINT.
I think I might try them again today. Not sure.

Other news: About that new book - "How Photography Can Make You a Better Painter," - I can't stop comparing the photos to the paintings long enough to really read it!

But the few bits I have read - the writing is good and clear making it easy to follow and every 8.5" x 11" (ish) page portrays a gorgeous photo or painting to illustrate his point.

Here's the cover from Amazon which is one of his paintings.

I really enjoy how loosely and expressively he paints from a photo and how he is able to capture a feeling. Also how he changes colors and makes them personal, no matter what the photo tells him.

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  1. Another wonderful painting, Lisa.. thanks for sharing the book. I was wondering... does the author have other photo references besides just landscapes?