Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flowering Things in the Backyard Daily Painting #312

More flowering backyard plants- this yellow bush/tree/hedge, daffodils and the pink cherry tree - when I let Brie out this morning, I came back in with a bounty to paint. There's plenty of dandelions too, consider yourself forewarned.


  1. Just beautiful. I love the strong neutral colors in the background and the red peeking through the white.

    I painted with Ann Rogers today and she showed me her painting of yours, #300; it is wonderful and I was thrilled to see it in person.

  2. Lisa, Love all the paintings. I have been following your Painting A Day faithfully but only left a comment on # 300! Had to write and tell you that # 312 could be my favorite if I had to choose a favorite. I love the wildness, bold colors, and brush strokes. Bravo! Keep up the great work. Also loved your landscapes.
    Your art buddy,

  3. Hi Lisa, Been following your blog... very interesting... and beautiful sense of color... you have quite a following!!! So proud of you...
    Love, Auntie Joy :)

  4. Ohhh, art buddy, Michael, thank you!!!

    Hi Joy, you think Cassie would like a couple hundred small paintings for her graduation!!!!!! Just kidding (sort of).