Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm sorry! Daily Painting #306

I feel like a new woman - hours and hours with tech support has not steered me wrong - Apple is THE best to work with!

Oh, the title of today's painting - I regressed back to daisies, I'm sorry! In the hour I was on the phone w/tech support last night, I baked a coffee cake, er, um loaf (no cake pan) and today, I did a painting while on hold, and felt I needed the comfort of the daisy.

Everyone has their security blanket, for Brie, the dog, it's an occasional oven mitt, for me lately it's daisies.

NFS - Mother's Day present for my mom!

Other News: NEW PAINTINGS delivered to White Magdelena today!


  1. I bow to your grace under the pressure of tech support...and to produce such a lovely work while on hold.

  2. Your story is so funny! Wish I could paint and bake under stress! Excellent painting!! No need to apologize for returning the daisies - they're beautiful!

  3. Oh computers...This is lovely. I love daisies and these are mighty fine. You are a fine multi tasker.
    I have been watching your work for a while with complete enjoyment...thank you.
    And Brie is just to cute!