Sunday, April 4, 2010

On the Way to Damon's Point Daily Painting #307

I did paint today, I promise, but I think I may have had almond icing on the brain for my coffee cake-loaf because I used A LOT of white - so, I'm posting this one today and I'll give the one I did today another look tomorrow in sunlight.

This one was the first of my two outdoor paintings on Friday - POP (painting outdoors partner) informed me that most outdoor scenes are mid-tone - AH-HA! This made perfect sense, of course they are, particularly around here, even the buildings are gray shingled! With that in mind, I was off and painting and trying to push things.

Other News: Drawing of painting 300 will take place tomorrow, so you still have 4.5 hours to sign up to be a follower on the blog -


  1. A mi también me gustaría hacer una pintura cada día.
    Buen trabajo, felicidades
    Un saludo

  2. very beautiful - reminds me of summer!

  3. Thank you Ramy -

    L.C.O.C - SUMMER! I can't wait!!!

  4. Its been a few weeks since I checked your blog. Wow! The looseness that originally drew me to your work (and got you listed as an Artist to Look At on my blog) has exploded. I absolutely love the gestural quality of you latest works is simply lovely. It takes a hidden precision of seeing to be able to be so successfully loose!

  5. And I promise to edit my posts better in the future! ; 0