Monday, May 24, 2010

Double Trouble #364 ONE. . . MORE. . . DAY!!!!

Day #365 is Tuesday (tomorrow) - if you are automatically signed up you'll get this post tomorrow, which could be confusing - because it states #364, but I haven't lost count again, I promise!

There will be an article in the Patriot Ledger on Tuesday, May 25th - and some of my paintings along with it!

The answer to everyone's question of what will I paint for day 365?

I've had many requests to paint Brie, the office assistant, who just went swimming for the first time this year, she's drip drying . . . on the couch - she's having a very good day. But I draw her all the time in my sketchbook, painting her just doesn't feel right yet, I'm still figuring her out. . .