Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Enchanted New Year #365

It's my 365th day - it's like my birthday, half birthday and New Year's all rolled into one.

Today I painted THREE paintings outside with the Tuesday painting group. The house we painted at was one of the women's house in the group and it truly was a page out of a storybook.

Someone accurately described it as enchanted.

While I painted a field of buttercups, chipmunks bounced by, butterflies drifted above with dragonflies and I saw a turkey - well, I'm not sure how the turkey fits into all this. . . but we were invited to a special lunch which included fresh ingredients right from the garden (no turkey - fyi).

Oh, the berry tart. We mustn't forget the tart!!! Everyone helped to celebrate my 365th day complete w/a candle, song and tart! If you have an inkling to try this, I highly recommend painting for 365 days for nothing else but the berry tart - VERY REWARDING.