Friday, May 21, 2010

FOUR! #361 four more days

The fast approaching 365th day is not without drama. Oh no.
First of all - my art store stopped carrying 4.5 Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic -


How can I get anything done with 2 oz tubes - seriously - eeek - so I'm ordering from DickBlick now - as if that wasn't bad enough, my panels - my precious masonite panels, that I CANNOT live without (okay, I have a lot of cannot-live-withouts, my dog, my M&M's, fresh basil, black licorice and good health, but I digress) - were OUT OF STOCK!!!

But the fine people in Rochester, NY are AWESOME and they ordered them and got them out lickety split - it seems my fluffy little office assistant is not so good at reordering - - note my dog has worse calculation skills than I do.

Alright, it was me, I failed to order them on time - I might be painting on the back of cereal boxes, but I'll get to 365 days, in fact, today's painting is on the flip side of a not so successful attempt at a pear.

OH! Thank you to everyone who came out last night - the opening was great - if you couldn't make it, the studio is open Saturday and Sunday 12-6. And if you already came to the opening, there's more work out in bins under the tent now, really, really great stuff, I saw it today, so there's good reason to come back.

Click here to purchase, paypal/secure/$100