Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day Trip: The Glades #393

I couldn't sleep last night I was too excited. I recently opened my inbox to the most gracious invite from one of the inhabitants of the Glades to come on over and paint for a day. . . I wasted no time. . . today was the day. . . It's just so beautiful, unspoiled with expansive ocean views and beautiful fields of grass. Even the parking spot has an ocean view!

I did three little paintings of the red barn while I was there today . . .I'll post one painting today and live with the other two for a while.

Some daily painters paint more than a painting a day. And so do I, but the painting I post on the blog is always done that same day, for better or worse. . . If I'm having a bad painting day I might wait until the next day to post the bad one w/one that hopefully turns the corner a bit. . . sometimes it takes me three paintings to get one I am comfortable posting. Other days, they paint themselves and some days, I consider letting Brie paint! But today, was a good day!