Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spellbound #394

So, I briefly thought I should paint eight hours a day because I watched a documentary, "Spellbound." It's about eight kids who get into the National Spelling Bee competition and these kids studied at least eight hours a day - I found their drive and focus admirable. . . BUT then (as I was watching that movie, apparently) it became hydrangea season, just like that. . . the thing you should know about me and hydrangea is I find them to be THE MOST difficult flower to paint. I have now painted three hydrangea paintings since last night at this time. . . I'm still thinking about painting eight hours a day. . . I'm not actually doing it. . . but don't think even that's enough time to figure out these flowers.


  1. Who cares what kind of flower you are trying to portray? This composition and color harmony are beautiful.

  2. I really love your light, refreshing painting style. The colors in this are beautiful!

  3. My husband says" Why not paint our hydrangeas". Not a chance. But your bravery has paid off, these are wonderful. I know traditional realist who love to paint them, but they are so busy, so much detail, I find it hard to break them down to their basic elements. You've inspired me to reconsider my position on hydrangeas ... maybe next year.