Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Go With the Flow #386

"Is it knowing when to stop?"

A really good question, from yesterday's comments.

I think so. . . the more I fuss, the tighter I get and and the freshness is lost - there's a sort of point of no return on those ones. I've been more aware lately of when that's happening and I try to put it down, start a new one quick and go back to the other one only deliberately in one or two areas after I've stepped away from the process a little.

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  1. Another great little painting, Lisa. The turquoise bowl is beautiful with the pinks. Your brush work is loose and very impressionistic.

  2. Lovely brushwork and colors. Great advice to step away from your work and then take another look later.

  3. I LOVE this! Fresh, with a delicate palette - but not a trace of wimpiness! Love those slashes of colour.

  4. Beautiful! And great advice. Thanks! A universal issue. I find I love just playing with paint in addition to creating a lovely, well composed painting with great colors and brush strokes. Gotta separate the "playing with paint" from deliberate strokes painted with intention. Maybe that's what abstract is for.