Monday, June 14, 2010

One Fine Day #385

A little discipline talk in response to a comment received on yesterday's post;

"I'm so curious how you have disciplined yourself to do this.
Do you paint at the same time every day?
At home or in a studio? Has it been difficult to be consistent?"

I prefer to paint first thing in the morning when I get up, so nothing else gets in the way, but I can't always do that - so, I paint when I can fit it in now. BUT at the beginning I made sure I set aside a block of time - predetermined - and stuck to it so I wouldn't miss a day.

I paint in my home - in an extra room set aside for just this, unless I venture outside - I have found it helpful to have a designated area w/my paints and everything set up all the time. I would set up a corner of a room if I didn't have a whole room I could use. It's been really important.

Some days are easier than others - the days I am feeling like there's nothing to paint, are the days that become the most enjoyable, maybe because I don't have a preset notion in my head? No expectations maybe?

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  1. I love the colors you chose for this painting!

  2. Your color and the abstract nature in your paintings appeal to me. The light in this one is exceptional!

  3. Love that vivid red apple in the middle of all of those luscious greens/blues! I really like the touches of more yellow green here and there as well. Really nice work, Lisa!

  4. Gorgeous colours as usual. Particularly like the ground colour coming through and making everything pop. I am inspired to go away and be more painterly like you! Is it knowing when to stop?