Monday, June 14, 2010

One Fine Day #385

A little discipline talk in response to a comment received on yesterday's post;

"I'm so curious how you have disciplined yourself to do this.
Do you paint at the same time every day?
At home or in a studio? Has it been difficult to be consistent?"

I prefer to paint first thing in the morning when I get up, so nothing else gets in the way, but I can't always do that - so, I paint when I can fit it in now. BUT at the beginning I made sure I set aside a block of time - predetermined - and stuck to it so I wouldn't miss a day.

I paint in my home - in an extra room set aside for just this, unless I venture outside - I have found it helpful to have a designated area w/my paints and everything set up all the time. I would set up a corner of a room if I didn't have a whole room I could use. It's been really important.

Some days are easier than others - the days I am feeling like there's nothing to paint, are the days that become the most enjoyable, maybe because I don't have a preset notion in my head? No expectations maybe?

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