Friday, June 11, 2010

In Good Company #382

Here's a still life set up on the back porch with Brie by my side (okay, in the grass, by my side, in the grass, by my side, then trying to eat paint, wait, no trying to eat paper towels, no, no, wait, the paint was much better, more of a response from the humans, are they mad or do they think I'm cute?) and P.O.P. (painting outside partner) who aided in painting and warding off aforementioned cute, but hyperactive, fluffy dog (good grief).

Somehow, despite someone's (Brie) antics to eat dinner and also everything within a twenty foot vicinity we managed to get two paintings done, combined. We are multi-taskers; painters AND protectors of the fluffy-butt.

Other News: This is only about an eighth of the amount of strawberries I've gathered from my garden this week. I am now accepting strawberry recipes, preferably baked goods, with no more than say, seven ingredients that I can freeze when made. I would LOVE a lesson in making preserves - fyi. . . barter anyone?

More News Still: Painting outside at White Magdelena tomorrow (Saturday) from eleven-ish - to one-ish - If I'm feeling bold, I'll be out front, if I'm in shy mode, I'll be in the back - come on by. . .