Thursday, June 10, 2010

Duckpin #381

Here's the painting from the demo for the fifth grade class today.

They had great questions like,

"Do you paint what you feel, or what you see?"

So, in this demo, I managed to do precisely what I told them not to do for composition! HA! I've since improved upon it, but my goodness, I had these little tomatoes lined up just like bowling pins. They were polite and didn't point it out. . . phew!

Have I mentioned the colors they made?! They were fantastic! I saw the most amazing muted pink, a fantastic purple, beautiful grays and OH the greens, because, of course, I brought my favorite mid-century modern GREEN linen napkins.

We used the primaries and white for paint and paper plates for palettes - and someone even cut cardstock down to squares for me - thanks to whoever did that, by the way.

So, this painting is what it is - I am just glad I didn't TOTALLY flub up in front of my audience of twenty-six!

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