Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Three Daisies, Two Turkeys, One Cat #379

Hey - these aren't poppies - I see a daisy and I just have to paint it, it's that simple.

I've been 'talking' about darks lately - I make my darkest dark using Aliziran, Pthalo Blue and a smidgen of Cad Med Yellow - what's your recipe?

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  1. Love this one! I have been using ultra blue / aliz / and a touch of cad red.

  2. Very striking! I use aliz / ultramarine blue / burnt umber. So interesting to hear what we all use for our dark neutral. Thanks for asking.

  3. Like those greens and "blacks" Lisa!

    My painter friends have said not to use a black (such as an Ivory) but I have quit listening for now.

    I'll probably go back to mixing alizarin & Thalo green after awhile to see the difference. These two make a very nice cold transparent black.

    Thanks for asking

  4. I hear you about those daisies, Lisa! They're so cheerful! My recipe is ultramarine blue, burnt umber and a touch of alizarin!

  5. Steve, I know what you mean - I think from looking at Karin Jurick's site she uses black and there's some others too I've been looking at who undoubtedly use it and use it well. Names, names, what were their names?

    Kelly and Tammy and Debbi - I'm going to try ultramarine next. and then maybe umber - oooh, I'm getting daring, I think.

  6. Sorry for the delkay; just picking up old e-mails from being away....

    Cool daisies!
    Dark dark for me = Aliz/UltBl/VeridGreen