Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jester #380

PEER pressure with painting? Now there's something I didn't anticipate. I don't use burnt umber - I wonder if I'm missing something - everyone else is doing it.

So, tomato stems remind me of jester hats. I thought you should know this. Always have.

Other News: Tonight I am practicing painting. What? Yes, yes, I'm practicing because I'm painting in front of a real live group of people tomorrow, a fifth grade classroom. OOOH, I hope I'm taller than them. Anyhow, all insecurities aside, it's a program called Arts Alive and it's their 10th annual event, "to raise awareness of art and artists all around us."

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  1. Beautiful little jester hats, never thought of that before but now I see that, too. I have burnt umber, but have never used it, hmmmm. 5th graders are awesome and they will be blown away by your demo, be prepared for the standing ovation you are sure to receive!

  2. The fifth graders will be lucky to see you paint...and you never know who will want to be an artist after that...I think it is terrific!

  3. what excellent paintings. I particularly love your plein air works, so fresh, great design, wonderful sense of air and space.
    (I don.t use burnt umber either and I don't think we're missing anything)

  4. Awesome paintings Lisa! Have fun with the kids--it will be a blast for you and them.

  5. I don't use burnt umber either. I mix the three primary colours to get my darks: ultramarine blue, plus a red and a yellow. Exceptionally I use payne's grey, but always have to go back and lighten it!

  6. Lisa, I recently came across your blog and wanted to say hi. I LOVE your work!