Sunday, June 20, 2010

When I Grow Up #391

Sooo, last night, feeling particularly brave, I tried my best to do an impression of what Karin Jurick would do. Armed with my shoebox of photos, I picked a good one. With THREE people, and feet and chairs, OH MY!

Because (if you haven't noticed) paintings of people and painting from photos are two things I don't do much of . . . but I'd like to. I see so many things I'd love to take a picture of and paint later. . . for now, I'm not sharing, I'm going to keep practicing, so it's not on the blog yet. Oh, it's labeled daily painting #390 and a half. . .

Other News: Here's a trailer of an upcoming documentary I'm most excited for on children's literature; I'll keep you posted as to where you can see it. . .


  1. This is a beauty Lisa! Really like the grid-effect of the background. Lush loose colors.

  2. The colors and brushwork in this one are wonderful.