Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yoohoo #384

New, never before seen paintings have been delivered to White Magdelena this weekend in Hingham Square - and now I'm starting on some bigger ones - or wanting to start on some bigger ones. . . any suggestions?


  1. I love the larger pieces that you painted in August of last year... especially the sunflowers. :)

  2. Lisa! Congratulations! I took a workshop from Carol last June and thought I've painted more than ever, I'm no where near painting daily. And though your art has inspired me a new! Thank you. It's nice to meet you and see your paintings! I'm so impressed!

    I love your color combinations and your loose brush strokes. I went back to see your work a year ago and though it was lovely, the improvement is obvious.

    Im so curious how you have disciplined yourself todo this. Do you paint at the same time every day? At home or in a studio? Has it been difficult to be consistent? Sorry for all the questions.

    Blessings on your life, Lisa.

  3. one of my faves, Lisa! Love the color combination and the soft, lost edges. very nice

  4. Lovely! The colors and brush strokes are beautifully rendered in an impressionistic style. Well done!

  5. Since you live in Hull and I really miss the ocean, living here smack in the middle of America--how about an oceanscape? I'd love to see what you would do with the colors.

  6. Roving Lemon - Ocean-scape coming up - I've got something in works - just wait until you see!

    Janice - I"m always trying to find the right balance between soft and hard edges - it's one of those things I'm typically trying to figure out until the very end.