Friday, July 2, 2010

Check #403

I'm having another one of those painting spells in which I can't get enough of painting the same thing over and over. I now want a yard full of sunflowers. I planted some once but, er, um, I didn't plant them in the sun. I know, how'd I mess that up?

Other News: Kayaking tonight!!! YIPPPEEEEE!

More News Still: Live, painting demo, Saturday, Hingham Square, behind or beside White Magdelena - if you come at noon you'll be sure to catch me. . .

N/A HVA Theater Fundraiser


  1. Beautiful sunflowers. And look at that fabric! Great painting, Lisa.

  2. Your paintings just make me smile. Love sunflowers, so you can't ever paint enough for me. I might have to go paint some too.

  3. This is one my favorites -- I love the big stroke of blue on the right and its sister stroke of turquoise on the left -- and especially that lazy sunflower in front -- a lady in a swoon in this heat! :)