Saturday, July 3, 2010

Peace & Plenty #404

When one spends a few weeks, being shy in the same back alley, one starts to see all sorts of things that one did not see before. . . the back alley (okay, it's a walkway, alley sounds more interesting) has plenty of things to paint.
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  1. Good to come back here after 7 or 8 months and still see you are painting chunky stuff all the time. Your dedication is an inspiration - happy 4th of July :)

  2. Lisa,
    Love this one! One of the best! Much excitement! Great colors! Love the lights and darks. Many great surprises. A very nice journey throughout the painting. Happy Fourth Of July!
    Art Buddy,

  3. Really like this, Lisa. I love the shadow on the chair and the little bits of sunshine falling on the step and the window frame. You are able to convey so much with few strokes.